Exhibition from march 10 to june 18, 2023 at Musée d’art de Pully with near.li



Galeria Graça Brandão, Portugal
november 2021


Gallaria Cularta Laax, Switzerland
november 2020 - february 2021

"Natura Sapiens"

Gallery Ibirapi Contemporanea
February 2018, Lisbon, Portugal


garagem da interpress, april 2018, lisbon



EDGE ARTS | Arte Contemporânea, Lisbon
curated by Mara Silvério


The photographic work of Samuel Matzig evokes the idea of transformation, either by the natural action of the artist who interprets reality, either from elements and objects taken from a perspective of singularity and isolation. His work communicates the shape’s significance, as an intervention method in which he finds himself. A unique perspective of plans that capture the contrast between movement and stillness, between change and stagnation, between the past that closes in the ancestral and the present that holds the eye of the artist.
In the series Tobel, which names this exhibition, the artist presents 16 artworks, the result of long walks he did during a period of 3 years in a deep ravine, that extends to the surroundings of the city of Mels, in Switzerland. A place absent of human presence, to which Matzig accessed regularly, in a way to connect himself with nature and to apprehend its strong character, imposing and primitive, appearing as a power entity, greater than man himself.
The metamorphosic essence that the artist can remove from this place’s atmosphere is a metaphor to the very human evolution, in a parallelism that combines formations, textures and organic compositions, that were photographed in a space that is inhabited by time and a particular awareness of rhythm and growth. A representation about the natural environment, and any being who dwells in it, as something constant and externally solid, however alive and in permanent consumption and fluctuation.
Tobel represents a refuge from the World, a meeting with a mysterious and calm environment. Here, the artist reflects and discovers a way to communicate the existence; what is embryonic, fundamental and incipient. The way to bring to the eyes those who observe his work the certainty that the origin comes from us, but it always ends in others and in what surrounds us.
Mara Silvério, 2017

Exposição "Ar.Co Bolseiros & Finalistas" MUSEU DE LISBOA - PALÁCIO PIMENTA 2015

pigment inkjet-print of fine art paper
 Edition of 5, 100 x 100cm, Private Collection.